ELFA 2014

2 tape recorders, magnetic tape 30m

Work is looking at a old media that has been used to contain data before digital storage. As there always has been problem with overwriting data during which you loose part of original data set I decided to explore how does sound changes over time if its being rerecorded all the time. People have tested this in digital environment and proven that every time when you overwrite you loose a small fraction of data. I wanted to see how it would happens over period of time using older media as storage and the system. I used magnetic tape and reel to reel recorders. On tape was recorded data of ex-residents of the village in which the work was exhibited. This data represented people memories and how they slowly dissolves and get fragmented after period of time. Work was exhibited for two weeks during which every day audio was changing in front of viewers. Two magnetic tape recorders play one loop. In the loop was recorded the exhibitions city ex-residents data. One of the recorder plays the tape and other one is recording what the first one play in the same loop. They are turned on every morning when exhibitions opens.

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the recording after the exhibition
the original recording before the exhibition

– 2014 9 – 21 August, “Marodatieri”, Contemporary Jurkalne, Jurkalne, LV