Arduino, CO2 sensor, stepper motors, propane, PC

“Liesma” represents a real-time data visualization artwork that addresses the escalating smog issue in Latvian cities. To create this piece, I gathered pollution data from two cities where I frequently reside: Liepaja and Riga. This data serves as the control mechanism for two gas flow valves, while the third valve responds in real time to data collected from the exhibition space in which the installation is situated. The visualization of this data is manifested through a flame.

In this artistic representation, the size of the flame is directly correlated with the pollution levels. A larger flame signifies lower pollution levels, indicating a greater supply of air to support combustion. However, this also symbolizes the gradual depletion of the flame itself. The concept of the flame draws inspiration from the flames often seen atop oil towers in oil mining fields, reflecting the delicate balance between environmental factors and resource utilization.

– 2015 12 – 28 June, “Virtuosi”, Veca Ostmala 53, Liepaja, LV
– 2015 17 April – 17 May, “Virtuosi”, RIXC gallery, Riga, LV