Arduino, CO2 sensor, stepper motors, propane, PC

Liesma is a real-time data visualization artwork about the growing smog problem in the cities of Latvia. I recorded pollution data in two cities where I spent most of my time, Liepaja and Riga. This data is being used to control two valves for the gas flow. The third valve is controlled in real-time by the data collected from the exhibition space the installation is placed in. The data is represented by the flame. Bigger flame means less pollution giving it more air to burn and killing slowly itself. The flame concept was inspired by oil tower flames in oil mining fields.

– 2015 12 – 28 June, “Virtuosi”, Veca Ostmala 53, Liepaja, LV
– 2015 17 April – 17 May, “Virtuosi”, RIXC gallery, Riga, LV