Experiment No.1

In 1899, Duddell decided to tackle the humming problem in London streetlights by conducting numerous experiments with plasma lamps. He discovered that varying the voltage powering the lamps allowed him to control the audio frequencies via a resonating circuit. This did not eliminate the humming problem he had set out to solve, but it did give Duddell an idea. By attaching a makeshift keyboard, he was able to produce musical notes. This led to his invention of the “singing arc,” which he first exhibited to a group of electrical engineers in 1899. My work is based on this technology involving physical and digital feedback loop. I wanted to create a musical instrument which makes a sound piece using digital audio waves (sinus, squared and triangle wave) and basic geometry forms as input. One of goals was to get away from being a composer and letting the system to “decide” a composition of sound work. While the webcam is filming one of the sculptures computer is analyzing input image and based on that generates a sound wave that is being played back with a singing arc. The singing arc then burns the sculpture and the circle starts again. Sound piece is ready when singing arc stops singing. System produced 3 destructive sculptures and 3 generative sounds.

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